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Below is a list of the components included in your HomeSafe Inspection:

The performance of your roof is vital to the safety of your home. Your HomeSafe inspection includes all visible roof materials, flashings at penetrations and valleys, chimneys, gutters & downspouts, and skylights. We will make sure your roof is performing

Your inspection includes the foundation walls, slabs, piers and crawl space structural components. Visible and accessible structural components are evaluated for function and inspected for damage or defects. Your HomeSafe inspector will get in to that crawl space and any other accessible area to provide you the most thorough inspection possible.

Your Home Safe inspection includes the visible components of permanently installed cooling systems. We operating the cooling system (weather permitting) to evaluate condition and function of your central air conditioning system.

Your home inspection includes the visible components of the permanently installed heating system. From an oil fired steam boiler to a high efficiency furnace, your HomeSafe inspector will operate the system (weather permitting) and assess the condition and distribution system.

Your home inspection includes inspection and assessment of the electrical service from the exterior service drop to interior household wiring and devices. Your HomeSafe Inspector will remove the electrical panel covers (when accessible) for a complete inspection and evaluation. We note the presence of GHCI receptacles and smoke detectors and check the operation of all visible and accessible outlets (receptacles), fixtures, and switches.

Complete inspection of the plumbing system includes the water supply system, the drain, waste & vent system (DWV), and all visible and accessible interior and exterior plumbing fixtures and appliances. From the basement to the roof and back to the basement again, your HomeSafe inspector triple checks your plumbing system.

Your home inspection includes a visual inspection of all walls, ceilings, floors, stairwells, and attic areas for any damaged and/or leaks. We operate all available doors and windows to determine condition and assess the insulation and ventilation in the home.

Exterior inspection includes the visible siding, trim, and flashings at the home and the garage.  Your HomeSafe inspector will also evaluate how well the roof and exterior systems are working in concert to keep the interior dry and your home safe and healthy. All exterior doors and windows are inspected and operated. The garage, porches, decks, patios, stairs, and railings are inspected and evaluated.



Studio – $300

1 BR – $325

2 BR – $355

3 BR – $385

4 BR – $425

Single Family/ Townhouse

<1500 SqFt $385

1500-2000 SqFt $430

2000-3000 SqFt $480

3000-5000 SqFt $550

>5000 SqFt Call for quote


2 units $550

3 units $650

4 units $750

>5 units Call for quote

Commercial Inspections Call for quote


“When buying a home it is important to have a strong local team to guide you through the process. One of the most important parts of the team is the home inspector. Terry is the exact person you are looking for to fill this roll. His local knowledge is second to none and he operates with the utmost professionalism. Hiring him to do you home inspection is one major step to make sure you are protected on your home buying journey!”
Jeffrey Bonk
Homes By Bonk

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With locations in Hudson County and Union County, HomeSafe Inspections LLC has you covered in northern and central New Jersey. Home buyers and real estate agents appreciate our convenient same day or next day availability which provides clients a quality home inspection on their schedule.

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